Using digital instruments The Fauxharmonic Orchestra’s mission is to bring fresh and artistically meaningful experiences of orchestral music to a diverse, world-wide audience.

The Fauxharmonic Orchestra is committed to:

  1. Advancing the state-of-the-art for the digital performance of orchestral music by contributing to, and sharing knowledge about the development of tools, software, instruments, techniques and aesthetic foundations of digital musical instruments.
  2. Increasing the awareness of, and support for, music composed for orchestra.
  3. Preserving and cultivating the rich heritage of orchestral music—from Bach to the composers of our day—at the highest artistic level.
  4. Developing new audiences of all ages for classical and contemporary orchestral music.
  5. Producing outreach programs that elucidate the inherent connections between of the creative processes of performance and composition.
  6. Performing significant new orchestral music.
  7. Promoting and encouraging orchestral composers.
  8. Providing artistic opportunities for aspiring and experienced orchestral conductors from anywhere in the world.