Eastman has long been known for the highest standards of performance, scholarship, creativity, and teaching. Its illustrious roster of alums serves as historic testament to a legacy that began some 80 years ago, founded on a simple cornerstone: “For the enrichment of community life.”

Students, faculty and community gather here daily to partake in a lively year-round musical adventure. Yet Eastman is more than just one of the nation’s premiere music schools (or, as Newsweek recently proclaimed, “the hottest music school in America”). To be sure, Eastman offers its legendary foundation in professional musical preparation. Yet we are adventuresome and courageous enough to demand of the educational music experience some futuristic and risky steps. Eastman students are challenged to make their superb musicianship and scholarship matter. So music leadership is a very vibrant topic of discussion and activity here, as evidenced by Eastman’s Institute of Music Leadership.

We take seriously the role of music in the culture, our music, and are aggressive in asserting its purpose, in figuring out ways to ensure its necessity. We know how vital music is for our civilization, but also know we bear responsibility for sustaining that vitality. Be it delving into music entrepreneurship or advocacy, or taking a hard look at what music will sound and feel like in the future, this is a place where music as a public art is part of the ethos. We embrace diversity, not just ethnic, but intellectual and aesthetic. We are of the community; we may be, in fact, the only major music school in America whose city’s internationally renowned symphony orchestra – in this case the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra – actually lives in our music school building year round.

The hallmarks of The Eastman Advantage are artistry, scholarship, leadership and community engagement.
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