The virtuosi of Canadian Brass have made the brass quintet an exciting vehicle for serious concert music. The quintet —  going into its 40th season — has a long history of recording music of all genres. They have a special affinity for Baroque music, which requires the brilliance and musical structure that has become the Canadian Brass’ trademark.

Their more than 80 recordings to date include works from Bach to the 
Beatles — all in meticulously crafted transcriptions that are setting new musical traditions in brass performance. 

The Canadian Brass sprang from modest and highly experimental roots in Toronto, Ontario, in 1970. The brass quintet was not established as a serious concert ensemble at that time, and it proved an irresistible challenge to Gene and Chuck. Their imagination and consummate musicianship eventually elevated the art of the brass quintet to what it is today.

Thanks to their pioneer status, the quintet developed a unique character and rapport with audiences that proved so successful that it has been emulated by many other ensembles. Canadian Brass master the gamut of concert presentations — from formal classical concerts to music served up with lively dialogue and theatrical effects. No matter what the style, the music is central and performed with utmost dedication and excellence to sold out audiences all over the world.