Thomas Glenn went to college at Brigham Young University and studied music, voice and was a French Minor. He continued on to the University of Michigan for his Masters of Music in 2001 and then moved to Florida State University to grad school to finish up his Doctor of Music.

Sunday, February 12, 2012, Thomas won a Grammy at the 54th annual Grammy Awards for "Adams: Dr. Atomic" in Los Angeles. (Metropolitan Opera Orchestra; Metropolitan Opera Chorus)

Developing 'A Great Respect' For Peking Opera

When it comes to understanding Chinese culture, tenor Thomas Glenn has one of the steepest learning curves. He's been assigned a much-loved Peking opera piece, The Siege of Tiger Mountain.

"From our point of view and our Western ears, it seems a very shrill and monochromatic art form," he says.

But he's had a month of lessons, including master classes with a famous Peking opera star, Jiang Qihu. Glenn readily admits that Peking opera is an enormous challenge, especially since the tessitura, or range, is very high. There's an improvisatory aspect to performance, too, and a whole new range of skills required.

At Last, A Night At The Opera

On the night of the gala performance, Glenn's performance is a huge hit with the local audience. They clap wildly, shouting, "Hao!" or "Good!" in the middle of his trickiest sections, and cheering even as he sings. He's invited back for another performance. They loved him.

So this isn't exactly up to date or in order but I really like his voice and was so excited to hear that he won a Grammy today. I think he is someone to watch.


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