(1819-1896).  German piano virtuoso, composer, and teacher.

Clara Wieck was introduced to the piano by her father.  Her recital debut was followed by a concert tour to Paris.  But upon her marriage to Robert Schumann she put her husband's career ahead of her own demonstrated talents as a performer and composer.  In addition to providing a stabilizing influence in his life, she was mother to their 8 children.  As the children matured she promoted Robert Schumann's music whenever her family life allowed for occasional concert appearances.

After Robert Schumann's death in 1856, she toured widely, visiting England and Russia as an admired interpreter of her husbands' music, and also the music of their close friend Johannes Brahms.

Clara's influence as a teacher also grew, through her activities at the Leipzig Conservatory and at the Hoch Conservatory in Frankfurt where she was active from 1878 to 1892.  

Most notable among Clara Schumann's own compositions are her Piano Concerto, the Piano Trio, and her 3 Romances for Violin and Piano.

The Henle Urtext edition of selections from her solo piano works includes the Quatre Pieces caracteristiques, Op. 5 (1834-36, age 15-17); four of the six Soirees musicales, Op. 6 (also 1834-36, age 15-17); her brilliant Scherzo, Op. 10 (1838, age 19); Trois Romances, Op. 11 (1838/39, age 19/20); the virtuosic eight-section Variationen uber ein Thema von Robert Schumann, Op. 20 (1853, age 34); Drei Romanzen, Op. 21 (1853 and 1855, age 34 and 36); and the tenderly passionate Romanze ohne opuszahl (1853, age 34).

The complete solo piano works have been recorded by both Suzanne Grutzmann (6/26/2007 on the Profil label) and Jozef De Beenhouwer (8/21/2001 on the Cpo label), as well as others, purchasable at ArkivMusic:,+piano

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