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MetOpera Live in HD: The Gershwin's PORGY AND BESS
Torrington, Connecticut
Saturday, 1 February 2020 - 12:55 PM (Tickets)
Conductor: David Robertson
Conductor: David Robertson Production: James Robinson
Set Designer: Michael Yeargan Costume Designer: Catherine Zuber Lighting Designer: Donald Holder Projection Designer: Luke Halls
Cast: David Robertson; Angel Blue (Bess), Golda Schultz (Clara), Latonia Moore (Serena), Denyce Graves (Maria), Frederick Ballentine (Sportin' Life), Eric Owens (Porgy), Alfred Walker (Crown), Donovan Singletary (Jake)

The Gershwins' Porgy and Bess returns to the Met for the first time since 1990, in a new production directed by James Robinson in his company debut. America's "folk opera," as the 1935 creators described it, tells the story of disabled beggar Porgy, sung by Eric Owens, and his love for the drug-addicted Bess, portrayed by Angel Blue. David Robertson conducts a stellar cast that also includes Donovan Singletary as fisherman Jake, Golda Schultz as his wife Clara, Latonia Moore as the bereaved widow Serena, Frederick Ballentine as drug dealer Sportin' Life, Alfred Walker as the brutal stevedore Crown, and Denyce Graves as Maria, town matriarch and operator of the local cook-shop. Infused with the timeless melodies of the much-loved classics "Summertime," "It Ain't Necessarily So," "Bess, You Is My Woman Now," "I Got Plenty o' Nuttin," and "My Man's Gone Now," the new co-production with English National Opera and Dutch National Opera was hailed as a triumph at its premiere in London earlier this year.
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Gershwin: Porgy and Bess
Act I - Scene 1 - Introduction
Act I - Scene 1 - Summertime
Act I - Scene 1 - Oh, nobody knows when the Lord is goin' to call
Act I - Scene 1 - Give him to me; A woman is a sometime thing
Act I - Scene 1 - Here's the ol' crap shark! No, no, brudder
Act I - Scene 1 - Here comes Big Boy
Act I - Scene 1 - Six to make
Act I - Scene 1 - Jesus, he's killed him! That you, Sportin' Life?
Act I - Scene 2 - Where is brudder Robbins? Come on, sister!
Act I - Scene 2 - Overflow
Act I - Scene 2 - A saucer-burying set-up, I see
Act I - Scene 2 - My man's gone now
Act I - Scene 2 - How de saucer stan' now, my sister?
Act I - Scene 2 - Oh, the train is at the station
Act II - Scene 1 - Oh, I'm agoin' out to the Blackfish banks
Act II - Scene 1 - Mus' be you mens forgot about de picnic
Act II - Scene 1 - Lissen there, what I tells you; I hates yo' struttin' style
Act II - Scene 1 - Mornin', Lawyer, lookin' for somebody?
Act II - Scene 1 - Boy! Come here, boy!
Act II - Scene 1 - Buzzard keep on flyin' over
Act II - Scene 1 - Lo, Bess, goin' de picnic?
Act II - Scene 1 - Bess, you is my woman now
Act II - Scene 1 - Oh, I can't sit down
Act II - Scene 2 - I ain't got no shame
Act II - Scene 2 - It ain't necessarily so; Shame on all you sinners
Act II - Scene 2 - Crown
Act II - Scene 2 - Oh, what you want wid Bess?
Act II - Scene 3 - Honey, dat's all de breakfast I got time for
Act II - Scene 3 - Take yo' han's off me
Act II - Scene 3 - Oh, Doctor Jesus
Act II - Scene 3 - Oh dey's so fresh an' fine
Act II - Scene 3 - Porgy, Porgy, dat you there, ain't it?
Act II - Scene 3 - I wants to stay here
Act II - Scene 3 - Why you been out on that wharf so long, Clara?
Act II - Scene 4 - Oh, Doctor Jesus
Act II - Scene 4 - One of dese mornings you goin' to rise up singin'
Act II - Scene 4 - Oh, dere's somebody knockin' at de do'
Act II - Scene 4 - You is a nice parcel of Christians
Act II - Scene 4 - A red-headed woman
Act II - Scene 4 - All right, I'm goin' out to get Clara; Oh, Doctor Jesus
Act III - Scene 1 - Clara, Clara, don't you be downhearted
Act III - Scene 1 - Summertime (reprise)
Act III - Scene 2 - Wait for us at the corner
Act III - Scene 2 - Come out here, both of you
Act III - Scene 2 - Oh Lawd, what I goin' do?; Oh, Gawd! They goin' make him look on Crown's face!
Act III - Scene 2 - There's a boat dat's leavin' soon for New York
Act III - Scene 3 - Introduction
Act III - Scene 3 - Good mornin', sistuh!
Act III - Scene 3 - Dem white folks sure ain' put nuttin' over on this baby
Act III - Scene 3 - Here Mingo, what's de matter wid you all?
Act III - Scene 3 - Where's Bess?
Act III - Scene 3 - Bess is gone
Act III - Scene 3 - Oh Lawd, I'm on my way
Act II - Scene 1 - Oh, I got plenty o' nuttin'
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