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NEC Philharmonia + Wolff
Boston, Massachusetts
Wednesday, 14 March 2018 - 7:30 PM
Ensemble: NEC Philharmonia
Conductor: Hugh Wolff
Music by NEC alum Richard Danielpour, plus the Walton Viola Concert played by NEC Student, Leonid Plashinov-Johnson '19, and works by Debussy and Ravel.

Composer Richard Danielpour ’80, speaking in 1997: "Beethoven had 14 versions of the same riffs floating around at any given time, but he always chose the best one. It’s a challenge to make the right choices. We don’t need more music—we need better music."

Watching Danielpour making better music with the best of the best—Yo-Yo Ma, Toni Morrison, Denyce Graves '88 DP—it’s hard to picture that it all began somewhere else. But piano studies were what originally brought Danielpour to NEC, where his teachers were Theodore Lettvin, Veronica Jochum, and Gabriel Chodos. “They knew that my path would be towards writing, and helped me learn how to listen.” When he went on to study composition with John Heiss, his new teacher did this as well, “partly in terms of being open to all kinds of music: not looking at any school [of composition] as the ‘only show in town.’ [Heiss] was so important to me—unbelievably present.”

This season, Stanford and Norma Jean Calderwood Director of Orchestras Hugh Wolff marks his tenth anniversary at NEC. After opening the Belgian National Orchestra season as their new artistic director, and conducting an evening of French opera in Jordan Hall, Wolff returns to NEC for orchestra programs on November 8 and 29, February 14, and March 14. On April 18, he brings the NEC Philharmonia back to Symphony Hall for the fourth time in his tenure, with a program that includes a new commissioned work by Aaron Jay Kernis, along with music by Bernstein and Debussy.

Welcome to NEC at 150! Every generation of musicians remake and change New England Conservatory. Some, like Gunther Schuller, continue to influence our music beyond their lifetimes. Others contribute for decades, pushing the sense of what's possible by their own examples. The entire season is stuffed with chances to see the NEC legacy in exceptional, infectious, passionate action. Don't miss them!
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