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At each of our Family Concerts and Meet the Music events we hold a Q and A session between the kids in attendence and LACO musicians. Sometimes the audience is so excited that there are more questions than we have time for! When that happens, we invite them to submit their questions to us after the concert, and we’ll answer them right here on the Kid’s Eye View page of the LACO Blog.

Brenda asked if any of our musicians play different instruments. The answer is yes. In music school, nearly all students must demonstrate that they can play piano proficiently, and many must learn how to sight sing as well. That’s two right there. Outside of their school days, many of our musicians play different instruments for fun, or play different styles of music on their own instruments.

Marilyn asked if the musicians like Michael Jackson. Although I haven’t been able to ask all of them, I think the answer must be yes. The elements that make music great, such as melody, harmony and rhythm, can be used effectively in any type of music. Michael Jackson was truly a master of his craft, so whether or not our musicians listen to his music regularly, they certainly realize how great it is.

Mario asked if our musicians all went to college, and if they knew any famous composers. Everyone in our Orchestra studied very hard to become professional musicians. Many went to conservatories, or music schools, for their training, but others studied their instruments at universities. Many of our musicians have worked directly with composers to create new pieces. They’re all a bit young to have worked with Beethoven, Mozart, and the great masters of the past, but there’s a lot of wonderful music being written today!

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