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Alex KleinBoth can be transcendent, but sometimes you have to sit for a long time to a piece to be moved and sometime that happens right off the bat. Boy, did the latter happen Monday night at Carnegie Music Hall here in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh when oboist Alex Klein took the stage for chamber music presented by the Pittsburgh Chamber Music Society.

There is nothing small about his talent or his tone. The Brazilian born performer is an Oberlin grad and was principal oboist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra until focal dystonia took its cruel toll on him and he left in 2004. He now conducts a great deal, and thank goodness, because it would be a shame to have his exquisite musicianship go by the wayside. But he still manages to perform a little from time to time.

From the first phrase of his performance Monday of August Klughardt's "Songs of the Reeds", with violist Richard Young pianist Phillip Bush, I was blown away by the Klein's combination of supple and subtle, by the tone and the temperament, the grace and the emotion and the power and the control of Klein. Wow.His Hecklephone playing wasn't bad either, in Hindemith's Trio for Viola, Hecklephone and Piano.

Even a fleeting glimpse of greatness is better than one at all. Thanks to the Pittsburgh Chamber Music Society and its president Frances De Broff for booking him.

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