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OSU Listener Line (435)258-6377 This week we proudly highlight concert violist Brett Deubner. Brett in interviewed by Ken and selection from 3 of his current CDs are played. Selections include Hindemith, Purcell, Trent Johnson, Bax and more. You will not want to miss out on this fantastic episode! Correction: In the podcast we announced that Brett will be performing Hindemith, but we actually play Brahms instead! Ooops! We'll have his Hindemith performance on next week's podcast! But we're sure you'll enjoy the Brahms! Sandy and Ken also go over this week's listener comments in their funniest comment readings to date! Don't miss out! Podcast Hostess: Sandy Hedgecock Sound Engineer/Interviewer: Ken Hedgecock Music and photo courtesy of Brett Deubner. May 24, 2008
10 years ago
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