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Johannes Brahms traveled throughout Europe for many years, performing concerts with the renowned violinist, Joseph Joachim. In fact, Brahms composed his violin concerto and dedicated it to his friend. And Mr. Joachim provided some key technical advice, because Brahms did not play the violin.

Brahms chose to do the premier concert for his only violin concerto on the 1st of January 1879; that is 133 years ago… and this music is still a huge favorite among concert goers.

Yehudi Menuhim died in 1999, yet recordings by him are still being released: This one was released in 2010

Here is Yehudi Menuhin playing the Brahms Violin Concerto, 3rd movement, with Kurt Mazur conducting:


Many years later, violinist Yitzhak Perlman acquired Mr. Menuhin’s violin. Here he performs this same Brahms concerto with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra conducted by Carlo Maria Giulini


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