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This week's show is sponsored by the Philadelphia International Music Festival, the Shenandoah Valley Bach Festival, The Green Lake Festival of Music, the Peninsula Music Festival, Connect the Thoughts, Dennis Loeffel, Douglas Townsend and Pop-a-Shot. This week we are proud to bring to you Douglas Townsend's Second Annual Social Networking Concert.  Last year Douglas' concert was a major hit with our listeners and we are sure this year's concert will also be very well received.  Ken also has a brief interview with Douglas during intermission. Performed works are: Andrew Rudin's "Ephemera:Pages from a Sketchbook".  This six movement work is performed by a listener favorite, Beth Levin on the piano and Neil Rynston on the clarinet. Carson Cooman's "Viola Quintet - Unquiet Parables"  Performed by Howard Hall and Michael Gillette, violins, Katherine Sinsabaugh and Kimberly Foster, violas and Annabel Gordon, cello. Geoffrey Gordon's "Trio for B-flat Clarinet, Violin and Violincello"  Performed by Brenda van der Merwe, violin, Leo Eguchi, cello and Alexis Lanz, clarinet. Rob Deemer's "Three Wedding Songs"  Performed by Christine Moore, soprano and Yuri Yodovoz, violin. Douglas Townsend: "Concerto in the old style for Three Solo Violins and String Orchestra" composed in 1994.  This is normally a 3 movement work but for time constraints we will hear the first two movements only.  This will be performed by David Oei, piano; Eriko Sato, violin; and students Soohyun Choi, violin and Tzu-En Lee, violin. During intermission Ken interview's Douglas Townsend Lydia Busler-Blais' "The Frost Cycle" for soprano, horn and piano.  This will be performed by Marianne Ciasulli, soprano; Marshall Sealy, horn and Tim Ribchester, piano. Andrea Clearfield's "A Reminiscence Sing" which is performed by Sasha Leinster, soprano; Joseph Rosen, clarinet and Miriam Brickman, piano. Miguel del Aguila's "Boliviana Op. 97" as performed by Sylwie Kloc, guitar and the Madison String Quartet which consists of Evelyn Estava and Rebecca Harris, violins; Michael Avagliano, viola and Gerall Hieser, cello.  Rebecca Harris is substituting for Gabriela Rengel. Victoria Bond's "The Page Turner" This is performed by Kathleen Supove, piano as the "page turner" and Oleg Dubson, actor and the pianist. Patricia Leonard's "Venetian Moonlight" as performed by Charles Yassky, clarinet; Alexander Scheirle, cello; Diana Hughes, piano and Timothy Shew, narrator.     Your donation, of any amount, keeps Classical Music Discoveries broadcasting to the world.  Thank you for your contribution.  Please click anywhere on this sentence to make your donation.      
7 years ago
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Artist: Sasha Leinster (Soprano) ; Christine Moore (Soprano) ; Marianne Ciasulli (Mezzo Soprano) ; Timothy Shew (Narrator) ; Alexis Lanz (Clarinet) ; Joseph Rosen (Clarinet) ; Neil Rynston (Clarinet) ; Charles Yassky (Clarinet) ; W. Marshall Sealy (French Horn) ; Miriam Brickman (Piano) ; Diana Hughes (Piano) ; Beth Levin (Piano) ; David Oei (Piano) ; Tim Ribchester (Piano) ; Kathleen Supové (Piano) ; Soohyun Choi (Violin) ; Evelyn Estava (Violin) ; Michael Gillette (Violin) ; Howard Hall (Violin) ; Rebecca Harris (Violin) ; Gabriela Rengel (Violin) ; Eriko Sato (Violin) ; Brenda van der Merwe (Violin) ; Michael Avagliano (Viola) ; Kimberly Foster (Viola) ; Katherine Sinsabaugh (Viola) ; Leo Eguchi (Cello) ; Annabel Gordon (Cello) ; Gerall Hieser (Cello) ; Alexander Scheirle (Cello) ; Oleg Dubson
Conductor: Rob Deemer
Instrument: Soprano ; Mezzo Soprano ; Narrator ; Clarinet ; French Horn ; Piano ; Violin ; Viola ; Cello
Festival: Second Annual Social Networking Concert
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