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Much as my inner Grinch might grumble, it is 21 December, the first day of winter and four days until Christmas. Signs of the season abound, one of the most ubiquitous and inescapable being the cacophony of Christmas and other "holiday" music on television, radio, and now, seemingly, in my dreams. Some of it is good, grand even, though much of it isn't. Anyway... it's Christmas, and to make up for the inadvertent paucity of holiday-related content on this blog I have decided to share with you my Christmas wishlist. Santa, feel free to hit 'print'.

The 10 Things I Want for Christmas
1)Leonard Bernstein: The Symphony Edition released last month by Sony.
2)A regular gig. Ideally junior copy writer for BBC Music or Listen magazines, but I'd settle for that editorial assistant opening over at USC...
3) This 90-disc anthology of Yo-Yo Ma's complete recorded output.
4) The new(ish) J.S. Bach: Complete Edition from Brilliant Classics.
5)A steady increase in blog readership and Twitter followers. I feel like I'm on-stage and yet the audience are in the lobby...
6) A chance to meet and interview Andreas Scholl.
7) Another portrait by Melissa Lee. (She is ridiculously talented.)
8) Tickets to Bayreuth.
9) An better, darker sounding cello... and the talent to go with it.
10) The exhumation and reanimation of George Plimpton. The Paris Review just isn't the same.
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