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I suppose that people will keep e-mailing me until I acknowledge the "Cage Against the Machine" campaign in England, whereby musicians are trying to make a recording of 4'33" the hit single at Christmas time in order to irritate or otherwise inconvenience someone named Simon Cowell. I admire the wordplay, and am just hip enough to get the reference. On the chance that it might positively affect sales of my book, I hope they succeed. I presume Simon is no descendant of Henry. Otherwise, this falls into the same category as all the incessant Facebook demands that I "like" something, or that a photo of me had been "tagged" (and if I take the bait and click on the link, no photo ever seems forthcoming). It's a little over my head, and I suspect that raising my head will involve me in some distraction from things I'd rather be doing. Best of luck to all well-intended parties.
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