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Brian Ralston, an award winning, classically trained composer and conductor, has quickly established himself as one of the younger up and coming film composers in Hollywood. He composed the score for the gripping independent feature 9/Tenths, for which Brian won a Gold Medal at the 2007 Park City Film Music Festival for best music in a Feature Film. 9/Tenths is directed by Bob Degus (Pleasantville) and starring Gabrielle Anwar (Scent of A Woman, The Three Muskateers) and Henry Ian Cusick ("Lo...
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A recent in depth interview with Brian on Scoring the SyFy Channel Original Movie Battle of Los Angeles.
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Ralston: Film Music of Brian Ralston N/A
Composer: Brian Ralston
Arranger: Brian Ralston
Conductor: Brian Ralston
Recording Date: Sat 1 Dec 2001
Rocketman To The Rescue (2:10) N/A
High Wire Act (2:15) N/A
The Final Seconds (3:09) N/A
The Long Run (0:56) N/A
Gathering Evidence (2:08) N/A
Nightmare (1:34) N/A
Nissan 370Z Retrospective 2009 (2:28) N/A
Ralston: Weather The Storm
Composer: Brian Ralston
Recording Date: Mon 7 Aug 2006
Weather The Storm (7:53) N/A
Ralston: 9/Tenths Original Motion Picture Score (Promo) N/A
Adagio For Jessica (1:50) N/A
Forlorn (3:08) N/A
Isolated (1:00) N/A
Inamorato (1:04) N/A
Fine Dining (1:48) N/A
Beloved (2:06) N/A
Ralston: Graduation Original Motion Picture Score (Promo) N/A
Composer: Brian Ralston
Storming The Bank (1:54) N/A
Not According To Plan (2:49) N/A
Stealing The Keys (7:17) N/A
End Title (2:50) N/A
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The Crooked Arrows soundtrack release received a glowing review from Film Music Magazine and was also listed as one of their top picks for the mo...
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This past week, Brian participated in a CD signing of his new Crooked Arrows soundtrack release with Perseverance Records at Dark Delicacies in Bur...
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Here is a “Behind The Score” segment on Brian’s Crooked Arrows score. Brian discusses his process in scoring the film along with footage from the ...
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An official CD soundtrack for Brian’s score to Crooked Arrows has been announced by the specialty soundtrack label Perseverance Records. Brian has...
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Brian composed original music for the ATA Taekwondo World Expo 2013 taking place this week in Little Rock, Arkansas at the Verizon Arena. Most of ...
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