François Zeitouni, Piano
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A native of  Montreal, François Zeitouni enjoys a double career as an organist and a pianist. He trained in organ, harmony and improvisation with Raymond Daveluy, at the same time studying piano and chamber music in Lise Boucher’s class at the Conservatoire de musique du Québec in Montreal, where he graduated “with great distinction.” He continued his piano studies in London with Maria Curcio, also taking part in chamber-music workshops and master classes at the Orford Arts Centre as well as ...
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PattyEAdame 12:28 PM - 30 Jul 2015 | Applause: 0
François Zeitouni is a great organist and a pianist. I hear him and his work is good. He looks passionate about his work and that's the reason people love his work. Also can write the best for those students that are looking for a better place to get their essay writing done.
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