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Recognized nationally and internationally as a leader among music schools, New England Conservatory offers rigorous training in an intimate, nurturing community to 750 undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral music students from around the world.  Its faculty of 225 boasts internationally esteemed artist-teachers and scholars.  Its alumni go on to fill orchestra chairs, concert hall stages, jazz clubs, recording studios, and arts management positions worldwide.  Nearly half of the Boston Symphon...
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Tchaikovsky: Trio for Piano and Strings in A minor, Op. 50 N/A
Pezzo elegiaco (17:48) N/A
Andante con moto (0:56) N/A
Variation I (0:40) N/A
Variation II: Piú mosso (0:33) N/A
Variation III: Allegro moderato (0:52) N/A
Variation IV: L'istesso tempo - Allegro moderato (0:58) N/A
Variation V: L'istesso tempo (0:36) N/A
Variation VI: Tempo di Valse (2:43) N/A
Variation VII: Allegro moderato (1:17) N/A
Variation VIII: Fuga - Allegro moderato (2:42) N/A
Variation IX: Andante flebile, ma non tanto (3:29) N/A
Variation X: Tempo di Mazurka (1:50) N/A
Variation XI: Moderato (1:57) N/A
Variazione Finale e Coda (13:43) N/A
Sibelius: Symphony no 2 in D major, Op. 43 N/A
Composer: Jean Sibelius
Conductor: Paul Biss
Ensemble: NEC Symphony
Allegretto (10:01) N/A
Tempo andante, ma rubato (13:50) N/A
Vivacissimo (6:22) N/A
Finale: Allegro moderato (15:25) N/A
Tarm: Headline Hues: Concerto for Strings N/A
Composer: Jonas Tarm
Conductor: Paul Biss
Ensemble: NEC Symphony
Bright Blue Light (Eresinine Valgus) (2:40) N/A
Red Silence (Punane Vaikus) (5:16) N/A
Yellow Media (Kollane Ajakirjandus) (4:19) N/A
Dvorak: Symphony no 8 in G major, Op. 88/B 163 N/A
Allegro con brio (10:06) N/A
Adagio (10:04) N/A
Allegretto grazioso - Molto vivace (9:22) N/A
Allegro, ma non troppo (6:37) N/A
Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition N/A
Promenade (1:35) N/A
I. Gnomus (2:29) N/A
Promenade (1:00) N/A
II. Il vecchio castello (4:22) N/A
Promenade (0:33) N/A
III. Tuileries (1:05) N/A
IV. Bydlo (2:33) N/A
Promenade (0:44) N/A
V. Ballet des Poussins dans leurs Coques (1:21) N/A
VI. Samuel Goldenberg und Schmuyle (2:15) N/A
VII. Limoges - Le Marché (1:30) N/A
VIII. Catacombae (Sepulchrum romanum) (1:37) N/A
Con mortuis in lingua mortua (1:57) N/A
IX. La Cabane sur des Pattes de Poule (Baba-Yaga) (3:31) N/A
X. La Grande Porte de Kiew (5:30) N/A
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Hello everyone,
I just wanted to bring this link to your attention, it's an International Musical Competition for Winds:
Maybe someone could be interested...
Thank you.
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New England Conservatory has a new homepage! Visit our new site at to explore all that NEC has to offer!
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