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Great Kids. Great Music. Hope for the future. From the Top is America’s largest national platform dedicated to celebrating the stories, talents, and character of classically-trained young musicians. Through live events, NPR and YouTube broadcasts, scholarships, and leadership programs, we empower these extraordinary young people to engage and inspire music lovers of all ages. Our classically-trained musicians, ages 8­­–18, astonish audiences with their skill and talent. Their ha...
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9-yr-old violinist Elizabeth Aoki plays Sarasate on From the Top.
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Spano: Chopin's Nightmare
Chopin's Nightmare (9:05) N/A
Messager: Solo de Concours
Solo de Concours (11:38) N/A
Vieuxtemps: Souvenir D'Amerique, "Yankee Doodle Variations"
Souvenir D'Amerique, "Yankee Doodle Variations" (10:51) N/A
Elgar: Salut D'Amour
Salut D'Amour (9:18) N/A
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This week's it's From the Top's Annual Highlights show featuring some of the best music and stories from our archives ... including a fiery perform...
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From Denver, Colorado, this week's episode features a special guest appearance by one of America's finest living film composers, Danny Elfman. Our ...
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From Wellesley, Massachusetts, this week's From the Top pays tribute to Jewish composers and Jewish music. A precocious 12-year-old violinist perfo...
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This week's program was recorded at The Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts, and given the show's art museum venue, each young performer d...
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From Stanford University, this week's From the Top features an all-California crew of performers including an extraordinary 12-year-old guitarist f...
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fromthetop 11:42 AM - 4 Jun 2010 | Applause: 0
80% of From the Top's annual budget relies on the generosity of institutional and individual donors like you. Help produce our national broadcasts and support our leadership training workshops that empower the musicians on our show to give back to their own communities!
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