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Based in Boston, From the Top is an independent non-profit organization that celebrates the power of music in the hands of extraordinary young people, reaching more than one million people each year. As the preeminent showcase for young musicians, From the Top shines a light on diverse young people ages 8 to 18 by sharing their stories and performances, providing scholarships, and engaging them as leaders in national broadcasts, live concerts and outreach events across the country.  The...
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9-yr-old violinist Elizabeth Aoki plays Sarasate on From the Top.
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From Jordan Hall in Boston, Massachusetts, this week's From the Top features “The Lark” by Mikhail Glinka brought to life by a wonderfully musical ...
1 day ago | Read More | |
This week From the Top presents Carnegie Hall's National Youth Orchestra of the Unites States.  Featuring phenomenal young musicians from nearly ev...
8 days ago | Read More | |
From Chattanooga, Tennessee, this week's From the Top features an uproarious performance of the music of Japanese composer/pianist Hiromi Uehara, p...
15 days ago | Read More | |
From Stanford University, this week's From the Top features an all-California crew of performers including an extraordinary 12-year-old guitarist f...
22 days ago | Read More | |
From Costa Mesa in Orange County, California, this week's show features the winning chorus of the L.A. area's "Local Vocal High School Choir Sing-O...
29 days ago | Read More | |
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fromthetop 11:42 AM - 4 Jun 2010 | Applause: 0
80% of From the Top's annual budget relies on the generosity of institutional and individual donors like you. Help produce our national broadcasts and support our leadership training workshops that empower the musicians on our show to give back to their own communities!
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