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La Jolla Music Society carries forward a distinguished tradition reaching back to the Musical Arts Society of La Jolla founded in 1941 by Nikolai Sokoloff, former conductor of the Cleveland Orchestra. The Society’s reputation is founded on presenting music, from chamber ensembles, orchestras, and soloists to jazz and dance groups, to a knowledgeable, discerning audience. In addition, the Society’s annual SummerFest, directed by violinist Cho-Liang Lin has grown into an internationally-accl...
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Opening Night: The Four Seasons

SummerFest begins!

Celebrate the festival’s opening night with Duo Pianists Orion Weiss & Anna Polonsky featuring works by Dvorák, Fauré, Beethoven & Vivaldi.
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Schubert: Quintet for Piano and Strings in A major, D 667/Op. 114 "Trout" N/A
I - Allegro vivace (9:24) N/A
II - Andante (7:16) N/A
III - Scherzo: Presto (4:15) N/A
IV - Thema con variazioni: Andantino (8:14) N/A
V - Finale: Allegro giusto (6:55) N/A
Brahms: Quintet for Clarinet and Strings in B minor, Op. 115 N/A
I - Allegro (13:13) N/A
II - Adagio (11:04) N/A
III - Andantino - Presto non assai, ma con sentimento (4:42) N/A
IV - Con moto (10:00) N/A
Bach: Partita for Violin solo no 2 in D minor, BWV 1004
Partita for Violin solo no 2 in D minor, BWV 1004 (24:00) N/A
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It is with mixed emotions that I write this post, my last as the official blogger of the La Jolla Music Society (LJMS). There is some relief as the...
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Here are some of the best behind-the-scenes tidbits I heard at SummerFest. Most are paraphrased because I didn't have a pen at the time, but I thin...
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My name is Matthew Geaman, and I am proud to be a SummerFest Spouse. I have been married to a member of the LJMS staff for a little over a year (my...
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Curious Listener Note: this is a guest post from Nancy Reeves Manzur, SummerFest Artist Liaison. Waiting for a performance to begin is always ...
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