David Bruce, Composer
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Bruce: The Eye of Night N/A
Movement I (4:13) N/A
Movement II (2:16) N/A
Movement III (4:15) N/A
Movement IV (5:50) N/A
Bruce: Steampunk N/A N/A
I - Vigoroso, fanfare - like (1:40) N/A N/A
II - Dark, brooding, mechanically menacing (4:38) N/A N/A
III - Misterioso e malinconico (5:04) N/A N/A
IV - Light, comically (3:39) N/A N/A
V - Desolato (10:25) N/A N/A
Bruce: Duettino (for Kate and Alex)
Duettino (for Kate and Alex) (5:13) N/A
Bruce: The North Wind was a Woman, for Soprano and Chamber Ensemble N/A
The Snow is Completely Without Hope (4:37) N/A
The North Wind is a Woman (3:42) N/A
The Night Wants You to Forget (5:27) N/A
The Crescent Moon in a Dangerous Lunatic (3:15) N/A
The Mountain Shares Her Solitary Dreams (7:55) N/A
Bruce: Steampunk N/A
I. Vigoroso, fanfare - like (1:27) N/A
II. Dark, brooding, mechanically menacing (4:38) N/A
III. Misterioso e malinconico (4:50) N/A
IV. Light, comically (3:24) N/A
V. Desolato (10:24) N/A
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I'm delighted to have fulfilled a life-long ambition to have a piece performed at the BBC Proms in the Royal Albert Hall. As I mentioned in my YouT...
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Next month I'll be attending the premiere of an unusual new piece commissioned by NDR in Germany, to be played in the small hall of the amazing new...
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Undula is a new solo piano piece written for New York-based Molly Morkowski . The premiere takes place at a recital she is giving in Montana State...
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I was honoured to be asked by San Diego Symphony to write a celebratory fanfare in honour of their departing maestro Jahja Ling, who conducted the ...
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Mandolin rock-star Avi Avital and the leading US quartet Dover Quartet tour Cymbeline in North America throughout February, as well as record...
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