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The New York Philharmonic plays a leading cultural role in New York City, the United States, and the world. This season the Philharmonic will connect with up to 50 million music lovers through live concerts in New York City and on its worldwide tours; digital downloads; international broadcasts on television, radio, and online; and as a resource through its varied education programs. Alan Gilbert began his tenure as Music Director in September 2009, succeeding musical giants inc...
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Currier: Time Machines N/A
Conductor: Alan Gilbert
Recording Date: Thu 2 Jun 2011
Billboard & Intro to Currier (6:22) N/A
i - fragmented time (2:31) N/A
ii - delay time (4:16) N/A
iii - compressed time (1:24) N/A
iv - overlapping time (3:42) N/A
v - entropic time (6:26) N/A
vi - backwards time (1:38) N/A
vii - harmonic time (8:58) N/A
Back-announcement & Intro to Mahler (1:43) N/A
Mahler: Symphony no 6 in A minor "Tragic" N/A
Composer: Gustav Mahler
Conductor: Alan Gilbert
Allegro energico, ma non troppo: Heftig, aber markig (24:59) N/A
Scherzo: Wuchtig (15:42) N/A
Andante moderato (13:37) N/A
Finale: Allegro moderato (31:38) N/A
Back-announcement & credits (1:56) N/A
Mahler: Symphony no 5 in C sharp minor N/A
Composer: Gustav Mahler
Recording Date: Thu 28 Apr 2011
I - Trauermarsch: In gemessenem Schritt (12:48) N/A
II - Stürmisch bewegt. Mit größter Vehemenz (14:37) N/A
III - Scherzo: Kraftig, nicht zu schnell (16:40) N/A
IV - Adagietto: Sehr langsam (9:39) N/A
V - Rondo-Finale: Allegro. Frisch (14:58) N/A
Back-announcement & credits (1:54) N/A
Schubert: Overture to Rosamunde N/A
Composer: Franz Schubert
Conductor: Alan Gilbert
Overture to Rosamunde (The Magic Harp) (10:28) N/A
Back-announcement and intro to Mahler (1:44) N/A
Mozart: Overture to The Magic Flute N/A
Billboard & Intro to Mozart (0:54) N/A
Overture to The Magic Flute (6:09) N/A
Back-announcement & Intro to Schubert (0:20) N/A
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