Brooklyn Youth Chorus
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Now celebrating its 25th anniversary, Brooklyn Youth Chorus is a collective of young singers and vocal ensembles re-envisioning choral music performance through their distinctive, remarkable sound, artistic innovation, and collaboration with classical and contemporary artists. With an incredibly versatile range and unique repertoire, Brooklyn Youth Chorus combines intensive vocal training and music study with exceptional performances. The chorus has been touted by The New York Times as a “c...
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Mahler: Symphony no 8 in E flat major "Symphony of A Thousand" N/A
Billboard & Introduction (14:52) N/A
I - Allegro impetuoso: Veni, Creator Spiritus (27:55) N/A
II - Poco adagio: Allegro appassionato; Sehr langsam; Allegro, Langsam (1:03:32) N/A
Back-announcement & Credits (3:13) N/A
Nova: Blind to the Illness
Composer: Shara Nova
Blind to the Illness (provided courtesy of WQXR) (3:59) N/A
Mahler: Symphony no 3 in D minor N/A
Billboard & Introduction (2:10) N/A
I - Kräftig. Entschieden (35:45) N/A
II - Tempo di menuetto. Sehr mässig (10:17) N/A
III - Comodo. Scherzando. Ohne Hast (18:06) N/A
IV - Sehr Langsam. Misterioso. (9:35) N/A
V - Lustig im Tempo und keck im Ausdruck (4:39) N/A
VI - Langsam. Ruhevoll. Empfunden (23:53) N/A
Back Announcement and End-Credits (1:34) N/A
Britten: Spring Symphony, Op. 44 N/A
Introduction: Shine out (9:08) N/A
The Merry Cuckoo (2:01) N/A
Spring, the sweet Spring (1:46) N/A
The Driving Boy (2:06) N/A
The Morning Star (3:31) N/A
Welcome, Maids of Honour (2:38) N/A
Waters Above! (2:58) N/A
Out of the lawn I Lie in bed (5:56) N/A
When will my May come? (2:41) N/A
Fair and Fair (2:26) N/A
Sound the Flute! (1:29) N/A
Finale: London, to thee I do present (7:50) N/A
Back Announcement and Credits (1:06) N/A
As Long As We Live
Recording Date: Mon 31 Dec 2012
As Long As We Live (3:40) N/A
20 Dec 2018
David Geffen Hall
21 Dec 2018
David Geffen Hall