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Georg Philipp Telemann, Composer
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Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767) was a German multi-instrumentalist and composer whose notoriety, although eclipsing that of his Baroque colleagues Bach and Handel in their day, has faded through time despite what is considered to be the largest oeuvre of extant works by any composer.  As with Vivaldi, a revival of his works began after World War II and his historic significance is being re-evaluated. Much of Telemann's music embraces the Style Galant, the light, elegant style of the Rococ...
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Telemann: Concerto for 2 Oboes and Trumpet in D major, TV 53 no D 2 N/A
I - Allegro (3:16) N/A
II - Adagio (1:03) N/A
III - Aria (3:28) N/A
IV - Grave (0:41) N/A
V - Allegro (3:10) N/A
Telemann: Paris Quartet No. 4 in B Minor N/A
I. Prelude (6:11) N/A N/A
II. Coulant (2:27) N/A N/A
III. Gai (1:36) N/A
IV. Vite (1:38) N/A
V. Triste (2:49) N/A
VI. Menuet (4:27) N/A N/A
Telemann: Partita in G major for Transverse Flute and Basso continuo, TWV 41:2 (from 'Kleine Kammermusik')
Recording Date: Sat 1 Apr 1989
I - Siciliana (1:25)
II - Allegro (1:10)
III - Allegro (1:41)
IV - Vivace (1:04)
V - Affetuoso (3:41)
VI - Presto (0:49)
VII - Tempo di Minue (2:50)
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