James A. Beckel Jr., Composer
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James Beckel graduated from the Indiana University School of Music and has been the Principal Trombonist with the Indianapolis Symphony since 1969. He is also on the music faculty at DePauw University.  In addition to these responsibilities he has been a very active composer and arranger. Mr. Beckel was born in Marion, Ohio in 1948. Many original works have been performed by several professional orchestras such as Minneapolis, St. Louis, Boston, Atlanta, Houston, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Buff...
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Jongen: Symphony concertante for Organ and Orchestra, Op. 81
IV - Toccata (Moto perpetuo): Allegro moderato (7:32) N/A
Beckel: Symphony for Band N/A
Allegro Jubiloso (6:28) N/A
Largo (5:54) N/A
Maestoso (6:32) N/A
Beckel: The American Dream
The American Dream (4:06) N/A
Beckel: Concerto for Horn "The Glass Bead Game" N/A
The Call & Awakening (9:13) N/A
Father Jacobus (4:55) N/A
Magister Ludi Coronation and March (6:57) N/A
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Renee Menkhaus of The Horn Call reviews James Beckel's In the Mind's Eye.
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Concert description on which James Beckel's new concerto for horns will be premiered.
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Susan Smithburn
Susan Smithburn 7:57 PM - 21 Mar 2013 | Applause: 0
Not only has Jim's music touched many lives, but his In the Mind's Eye has contributed an original spin to the the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra Association's Symphony in Color program in which elementary school children, statewide, listen to classical music and portray what they have heard in their original artworks. It gives students another way to think about music and art. Beckel offers freshness and originality to all who pay attention. Take a good look at In the Mind's Eye. Then follow up with his many other delightful compositions. Congratulations to Jim--
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