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San Diego Symphony iPhone Application Screenshot
As the San Diego Symphony approaches it’s centennial mark, it is not counting on newspaper ads and fliers on lampposts to promote the upcoming concert season. Following the example of the New York Philharmonic, they have launched their own iPhone application. The app, which is a gateway to InstantEncore.com (the same site used by the New York Philharmonic app), lets fans stream audio from pre-recorded concerts, access information regarding ticket purchases, get directions to venues, and even share this information with friends.

When the New York Philharmonic launched their app last June, it was met with mixed reviews. Some thought that while it was a good concept, it would never collect enough downloads to have a significant impact for the ensemble. Now, one needs only to listen to Zarin Mehta, president of the Phil, who claims they already have over 3,000 downloads from over 50 countries.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that these two orchestras are the only ones jumping onto the iPhone bandwagon. InstantEncore.com is currently hosting similar applications for the Miro Quartet, the Curtis Institute of Music, the London Philharmonic Orchestra, and many others. If you’re toting around an iPhone, check out their entire list of applications.

Original article by San Diego Union-Tribune

Find more apps on the InstantEncore website


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