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Let's not talk about the heat. Let's talk about pianists. Limelight put together one of those exasperating, annoying and guiltily pleasurable lists of greatest of all time. To even begin to look at this you have to remind yourself of a big caveat--this is a list of the greatest "recorded" pianists of all time. Where would Clara Schumann rank?
So with the understanding that a few hundred years of piano virtuosity is being left out, this remains a tantalizingly appealing list. I'm counting seven of the 10 having played with the St. Louis Symphony (Schnabel, Brendel, Gould, Cortot, Rubinstein, Horowitz and Rachmaninoff), and three of the contemporary pianists who give praise to their favorites have also performed with our orchestra (Biss on Schnabel, Roge on Gould, Hough on Cortot).

Limelight has provided us with a great opportunity to divert our attentions from other things--like the heat. It has also provided us with the opportunity to shout "Where are the women?" We may not have recordings of Clara Schumann but we for sure have Martha Argerich and Mitsuko Uchida, just to name two dazzling stars that immediately come to mind.

So, curse this list as you think of your favorites that have been left out. Plus there is a video clip of each one of the 10, which doubles the (guilty) pleasure. Click.
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