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Anna DeLoi and Nash Ryder with students at Chittick ElementaryAt Chittick Elementary School in Mattapan, arts leader Anna Deloi, along with her team partner Nash Ryder, shadowed the Boston Public Quartet and aided in their after-school chamber music program called musiConnects, whose mission is to create social change through chamber music. Anna stayed on after their project was finished and continued to work with a kindergarten class, bringing in guests musicians to share different genres of music with the students. As school is winding down, Anna shared her experience on the Boston Public Quartet’s blog:

“Music, for as long as I can remember, has been the way I’ve been able to say the things that are most important to me. But, in a way, I’d been stuck in a one-sided dialogue. As the performer, I did all the talking; I was only hoping my audience could understand me. At musiConnects, on the other hand, we were having a conversation through music; we were teaching the language to a whole group of students, who could use it to share with us as much as we could share with them.”

Click here to read more about Anna’s year-long experience at Chittick Elementary School.

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