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  • The sets, costumes and direction is superb, in all a fabulous production, except for the clapping by the audience when the curtain rises and also singers make their entrances.
  • If you are female and looking for a production of TOSCA, look no further. Placido Domingo is at his peak here.
  • There is absolutely no statement fitting to describe Domingo's performance.
  • Domingo, in fact, is living proof that tenors are not just singers but also actors. 
  • Behrens was wrong for the part of Tosca, her voice was too heavy, I believe she is a Wagnerian singer (I'm not sure, I hate Wagner)
  • Overall, magnifico, if you can get past a Tosca with cellulite.
  • Behrens is in fine voice. I'd be nervous about kissing a girl with those top teeth though
  • as C.E. Bach once said opera singers know music more than any one else so it is not appropriate for me (or even conductors) to be scrupulous with her.
  • All this talk of bad acting, poor voices, unintelligent casting is some reviewers' attempt to make themselves feel important. 
  • opera should always maintain its tradition of visual magnificence, if only to dazzle the neophyte.
  • when you once have seen THIS final of the first act you will everything forget you have seen before!!!!! ......
  • It is truly a masterpiece, so good, in fact, that at the end of the act, the curtain closes, only to reopen for the most fabulous tableau ever!
  • The Palace Farnese is not as pretty as I thought it would be from the inside I must say.
  • It will transport you back in history, and you will share the almost delicious pathos of the participants.
  • If you can't afford time-travel to Rome in 1964, I'd say this is at least a fine evening's consolation.
  • I am adding my two cents (for whatever it's worth) now because of that horrendous NEW production which just opened at the MET. Do modern Directors even bother reading the Composer's Libretto? Now, I have not seen this new production yet.

All comments extracted from Amazon.com customer reviews of the Metropolitan Opera/Sinopoli/Zeffirelli DVD of Tosca.

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