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Miss Fortune - Royal Opera House, 12 March 2012


I only managed to sit through the first act of Judith Weir's new opera. If I could have climbed over the old lady next to me without kicking away her walking stick, I would have left a lot sooner.

But let's start with the good bits. The singing is terrific, and the production design is inventive and colourful. The Soul Mavericks' breakdancing pulsed with energy - it seemed more of an afterthought than an integral part of the production, but that's not the dancers' fault. Everybody on stage seemed to be giving their all.

That makes it hard to be unkind. But if only all this accomplishment and commitment could have been applied to a better cause. The fundamental problem is the story, which lacks shape, dramatic tension and rounded characters. No wonder it resulted in a banal libretto and a timid, monotonous score resembling a background track to a BBC2 documentary about tadpoles or something.

The ROH are currently offering a package including ticket and interval kebab for £45. My money saving advice is -  skip the opera,  go buy a kebab from Gaby's Deli instead.

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