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In celebration of the release of Bobby and Hans, volume 2, Gramophone Magazine commissioned a special blog post for their website. That’s right, folks- you didn’t hear it here first In fact, you can’t read it here, at all.! Mosey on over to the Gramophone and take a gander.

Here’s a short sample to whet your appetite (pun intended)

All too many people still think of Schumann’s music as somehow more ‘good for you’ than ‘good’. We’ve read so many ill-informed statements about his orchestration that we expect it to sound mushy, soggy and woolly, and all too often conductors and players are content to deliver a performance that lives up to that expectation exactly. But Schumann doesn’t have to be the overcooked vegetable of classical music – his music can be as tangy as an Indian mango, as hot as a Scotch bonnet, as unctuous as barbecued unagi, as luxurious as back truffle and as satisfying as a bacon and blue cheeseburger with a cold IPA.


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Composer: Robert Schumann
Conductor: Kenneth Woods
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