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The Kennedy Center's 2012-2013 season promises something called Nordic Cool, which sounds, well, cool, just on the face of it. The details get even cooler.

There is, for example, a stage version of Ingmar Bergman's sprawling, absorbing, sumptuously filmed "Fanny and Alexander." Learning about that made me think of something else related to Bergman, which is where Midweek Madness comes in.

For years, the mere mention of Bergman's name has made me think of only one thing: "Whispers of the Wolf," introduced to his equally unsuspecting television viewers by Count Floyd, the ever so slightly edgy host of "Monster, Chiller, Horror Theater" on SCTV, the channel to end all channels.

So here, then, as my latest effort to satisfy your understandably insatiable Midweek Madness craving, I offer this profoundly incisive Bergman-esque appetizer for next year's Nordic Cool festival at the Kennedy Center. You will never think of the number "1313" the same way again:

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