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Timothy Andres, or “Timo”, loves to cook. But, like any good chef, he hates recipes and much prefers to play jazz in the kitchen. He discusses the artistic process behind his cooking, and creating new works, with KUSC’s Brian Lauritzen in LACO’s latest podcast.

With Refracted around the corner, on Saturday, March 24 at 8 pm at the Alex Theatre, Glendale and Sunday, March 25 at 7 pm at Royce Hall, UCLA, Timo chats with Brian about the creative process behind his Sound Investment world premiere, Old Keys and the fun he had creating the re-composition of Mozart’s “Coronation” Concerto. Not one to take himself too seriously, Timo is nonetheless one of today’s young composers to watch, and both pieces highlight not only his compositional talent, but his dexterity as a concert pianist.

Click here to listen-in and learn more about this serious, yet whimsical musician who is taking the old to create the new in music.

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