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The American Prize is pleased to begin the selection of this year's winners of The American Prize in Piano Performance, solo and concerto divisions, with today's announcement of semi-finalists for these prizes.

Below, please find semi-finalists in each of the competitions listed, arranged by category (professional, college/university/high school) in alphabetical order. Congratulations to all semi-finalists.

The American Prize in Solo Piano Performance—professional division
Cole Burger, MD   
Catharine Quillen Dornin, NH       
Lara Downes, CA       
Graciella Kowalczyk, KY       
Nathanael May, MO       
Amaury Morales, PA       
Michael Rector, MS   

The American Prize in Solo Piano Performance—college/university division
Aeryeon Jang                        
Kevin Kwan Loucks, NY  
Jennifer Miao, TN       
Youngmi Moon, GA              
Azariah Tan, MI                                             
Sukyung Yang, IL                   
Yuanchang Zhou, MI     

The American Prize in Piano Performance—high school division  
Michael Davidman, NY    
Taide Ding, MS    
T.J. Keanu Tario, NY                

The American Prize in Concerto Performance—college/university division
Kevin Kwan Loucks, NY   
Azariah Tan,  MI   
Azariah Tan,  MI   
Azariah Tan,  MI    
(Mr. Tan made three separate applications.) 

The American Prize in Concerto Performance—high school division
Michael Davidman, NY
Jim Lu, UT   
Jing Luo, VA    

Please let us know of any misprints. (theamericanprize@gmail.com)

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