It's Thursday evening, tomorrow is our performance of "Chance/Perchance" (click here for more info).....two Oregon Symphony rehearsals today plus a rehearsal for tomorrow's concert...please forgive me for whining, but I'm pooped!
I only mention this because I've always managed to post info about forthcoming concerts on this blog before, but just haven't had a second to tend to it this time.
Briefly, the concert is an experiment. I know! Run for the hills! The new music geeks are coming! But trust me, this won't be your mother's avant-garde concert. We throw everything at you this time, including tropical fish, graphic scores, classics like In C, new music by David Schiff, complemented by the visual artistry of Rob Tyler, and the magnificent images from "Wild Beauty", the incredible book by John Laursen and Terry Toedtemeier.
That's about all I can say about it, before getting back to work. This program is a real stretch for us...but hey, you've got to loosen those creative muscles, right? Don't want to be musical couch potatoes, no ma'am!
See you all tomorrow.....
PS. Please sign up for our Facebook page....we like having new friends ;-)

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