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Adaptistration People 031Thanks to a steady stream of growth over the past year among my Venture Platform users, I recently completed a server upgrade. As a result, that meant everything here at Adaptistration migrated as well and in the wake of that migration, I started building out the blog’s next phase.

  • A Branded Jobs Board: Adaptistration Jobs has experienced a solid growth rate over the past four years and as part of this development phase it will become its own branded arts admin jobs board destination. Don’t worry, it will remain completely free to use for both employers and job seekers. The existing job listing upgrades will remain as well but in addition to the branded re-launch will come a round of admin and employer job posting automation. The site is already the most user-friendly arts admin jobs board around and this next step will raise that bar even higher.
  • Updated Blog Framework: This will be a mostly under the hood style improvements but you’ll notice more than a few layout and user interface enhancements especially for readers.
  • Opening Up My Treasure Chest Of Research Resources: this one’s a surprise.
  • Updated Themes For The Cartoon And TAFTO Resource Site: the primary goal here is to provide an even faster user experience, especially at the cartoon site because snappier load times means more binge endorphins.

Optimally, this will all be completed and rolled out on or around September 1, 2017 so if you have any ideas, now is the time speak up.

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