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In my rush to have a relaxing summer, it occurs to me that some events are passing me by that I should be letting you all know about. I’ll start with..... Rebroadcasts!!

A time-honored tradition of revisiting the previous season’s concerts is being carried on, Mondays through September on 91.9, WUOT-FM. Although the first two broadcasts have happened already, the majority of the ‘11-‘12 season is still ahead of us. Here is a link to the schedule.

Auditions last week and last month have yielded us principal horn and principal flute positions. In each case, temporary players have won their seats in a permanent way, so that means that the awesomeness that we experienced at the hands of (flutist) Ebonee Thomas and (hornist) Jefferey Whaley is here to stay!! What’s more, two violinists that were on leaves of absence last season are returning, namely Lisa Muci Eckhoff and Ikuko Koizumi. We’ve missed them! But by the same token we’ve really enjoyed having Ruth Bacon and Diane Zeligman here in town for the year and we will miss them also. Sigh.
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