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The word that the Dallas Opera has commissioned British composer Joby Talbot and American librettist Gene Scheer to tackle the world’s highest peak, metaphorically speaking, is eliciting a variety of reactions. “The Dallas Observer” writes that the still-to-be-created opera EVEREST, slated for production in February of 2015, is our “most adventurous commission to date.” Read Katie Womack’s report on the “effortlessly witty, charming, and cool” Mr. Talbot – right here.

D Magazine Arts Editor Peter Simek, who moderated yesterday evening’s “Composing Conversation” with Talbot and Gene Scheer, recaps the discussion here.

While over at “Theater Jones,” music critic Gregory Sullivan Isaacs opened with a strong note of approval (or, I think it was approval), saying: “The Dallas Opera continues to astound.”  Catch Gregory’s entire piece here.

There’s a lot of musical and theatrical terrain to cover between now and 2015 but I already have the feeling this project is in the best of hands.

UPDATE: Crewmantle at COMMANDOpera asks “How long will it run?” 

Answer: For several performances, at the very least.  What?  That’s not when he meant?  Read Crew’s comments here.

(Photo of Everest summit courtesy of smugmug)

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