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Back around Christmas time, I interviewed a cirque artist who told me he had performed for three Russian presidents. I had to bite my tongue so as not to ask if all of them were named Vladimir Putin.

Seeing Putin once being grandly inaugurated last week made me think that some sort of festive salute, Midweek Madness-style, was in order.

I know that I have featured a certain indelible Russian vocal artist before, singing his greatest hit (one of the greatest pieces of vocal music, ever, for sure), but how could I resist an encore now? Especially since this particular song ... was first a hit during the Soviet era, and, hey, doesn't it feel like just a little bit like the wonderful Soviet era is comin' back?

I found a performance of the song I had not seen before and it's just too good not to share. OK, so it comes from what must have been a Christmas TV special, but, hey, isn't every day Christmas in Putin's Russia? And isn't it fun to see an audience looking so genuinely, I mean really, really natural, unrehearsed and so doggone happy?

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