You know, I've been spending so much time reading recently that I basically forgot to post my own thoughts/ comments/ ideas/ suggestions/ etc.

So, this is some of the music-related material I've been reading, and recommend you do, too:
(in no specific order)

1. Flipping Batons
My friend in the UK, Michael Seal, was one of the most focused, dedicated and hard-working beer-drinking violinists I've ever met. As teenagers we weren't close, but I admired his unswerving direction and purpose. He went on to play for the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra for 20 years and is now their Associate Conductor, and a busy freelancer particularly in Ireland and Argentina. His perspective as a conductor is unique, entertaining, revealing, and... cheekily British.

2. G.P.
I met Sasha Makila on Twitter when I joined and rampantly participated in the League of American Orchestra's 2010 conference opening session Twitter streaming (great idea I wish they'd repeat). As Assistant Conductor of the Cleveland Orchestra he has amassed an amazing amount of repertoire, and is beginning to expand his exposure beyond Cleveland and Finland. I look forward to every post.

3. A View From the Podium
For an in-depth study of specific repertoire, this blog by Kenneth Woods explores the music he is working on as he is working on it, or listening to it. It is insightful, detailed and a very useful research tool for those of us who are a little more lazy ;)

4. If it ain't Baroque
What an awesome play on words! Jenn compiles the most entertaining snippets of musical trivia but one of the highlights I look forward to (apart from the weekly Viola jokes on Fridays) is the Composer Cagematch series. Today: Gershwin vs. Tchaikovsky - vote now!

5. Slipped Disc
Norman, if nothing else, is a reliable source of controversy and outspoken annoyance. I actually follow the "Fake Norman Lebrecht" on Twitter because they highlight Norm's most outrageous claims. His writings are entertaining, and his news is frequent and reliable, if not complete. I never know whether to agree with him or not, but there are plenty of readers who will let you know what they think! A fascinating observation of human opinion and behavior, if nothing else.

You should add these blogs to your musical reading list. In addition to mine, of course. What musical blogs do you regularly read?

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