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David Henry Hwang's new hit comedy Chinglish had its last Broadway performance in January -- so why's it making news now?

Well, it appears the scandel in China involving party leader Bo Xilai, whose wife is being investigated in the mysterious death of a British businessman, bears an uncanny resemblance to Hwang's play, where an American businessman gets involved with the wife of a Communist official.

In his article for Newsweek magazine (which we found at the Daily Beast), Hwang says that Chinese nationals had a quibble with his script. "This, they said, might make for good drama, but couldn’t actually happen in China. Such a woman would never enter into a close relationship with a foreign man." Well, until now, apparently. Tina Brown also has a few words to say about all this too. 

Life imitating art? Decide for yourself in August, when Chinglish kicks off Berkeley Rep's exhilarating 2012-13 season!


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