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200 singers of the combined Mendelssohn Club and Pennsylvania Girl choirs, Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia, Tibetan musicians, premier commission of local composer, Andrea Clearfield, and more on 4/29, 4pm!  This will be a spectacular concert, and if you are a member of LocalArtsLive Young Friends you may receive a 15% discount on tickets.  But wait, there's more!  (schtick intended)  Andrea Clearfield will also be presenting an introduction to the concert describing her Tibetan adventures on 4/25 to members of the Philadelphia Fans of Classical Music (PFCM).


In addition Andrea's introduction, a free panel discussion will be open to the public the afternoon of the concert, and will feature these distinguished guests:


Panel discussion moderated by composer Kyle Smith at :


fye music store 100 S. Broad St. Philadelphia, PA 4/29, 1:30pm


Panelists include:
Sienna Craig, noted anthropologist, Dartmouth faculty
Andrea Clearfield, composer
Alan Harler, Artistic Director
The Venerable Losang Samten - former aid to His Holiness, the Dalai Lama Tsering Jurme, President, The Tibetan Association of Philadelphia


Don't miss this unique opportunity and experience.  To receive the full benefits, go to these links after signing up to LocalArtsLive Young Friends and the Philadadelphia Fans of Classical Music:


Learn more about the concert


Discount Tickets


Introduction via Andrea Clearfield

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