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LocalArtsLive Young Friends of Classical Music Showcase

April 7, 2012, University of Pennsylvania



Welcome! This showcase is brought to you thanks to extraordinary support from an all volunteer collaboration of musicians, enthusiasts, students, and the University of Pennsylvania. A larger showcase to kick off the 2012/2013 classical music season in September will be considered based on tonight's results, so please take a few minutes to fill out the survey because your feedback is very important. The showcase will have a lot of short breaks so please feel free to use them in leu of an intermission. Use of electronic devices is OK as long as they don't make noise. We have access to Rose Hall until 10pm, and time permitting, will have a brief “meet and greet” after the showcase. Thanks for joining us!




7:30 Panel Discussion

8:00 Philmore Ensemble

8:20 Beta Test Music

8:40 Murmuration

9:00 “Jam” session


Panel Discussion


What is the state of the classical music scene in Philadelphia today? Moderator – Steve Schatz




Ricky Der - Music enthusiast. University of Pennsylvania alumni – Ph.D. Mathematics
James Kwak - University of Pennsylvania student and cofounder of Penn Encore Society
Mary Javian - teaching artist for the Philadelphia Orchestra, double bass, curator for ClassicAlive!
Tim Ribchester - conductor, pianist, coach, writer, lecturer





Philmore Ensemble


Based out of Baltimore and Philadelphia, Philmore Ensemble was formed at Temple University in 2004 by Amanda Heckman, Duane Large and Julia Madden. Philadelphia musician Myanna Harvey later joined to help expand the possibilities of the group. Philmore Ensemble offers a fresh and engaging look at the works of popular and lesser-known composers, and brings to life music that has fallen into obscurity. With a special focus on nineteenth-century music, Philmore Ensemble plays works from the Renaissance era through the twenty-first century. This versatile ensemble performs in various combinations with voice, flute, violin,viola, cello, mandolin, lute and guitar. Tonight Duane Large (guitar) and Myanna Harvey (violin) will represent the ensemble. Philmore Ensemble


Beta Test


Beta Test Music, formed in 2010 by composer/tombonist Douglas Laustsen and tubist Steven Lakawicz, is a chamber ensemble specializing in performing contemporary classical music, video game soundtracks, and other nerd-inspired music genres. Based in Philadelphia, the ensemble takes their experiences as professional musicians, life long gamers, comic book nerds, and “Magic: The Gathering” enthusiasts to present performances that place classical favorites alongside works from video games/comic books/Joss Whedon shows. The group has premiered works by Melissa Dunphy, Nat Evans, and Douglas Laustsen as well as provided many first live arranged performances of video game soundtracks. Beta Test Music




Murmuration performs improvised classical music. Its core members, Eric Coyne (cello), Russell Kotcher (violin), Andrew Marsh (vocal) are sometimes joined by other musicians while utilizing a flexible line up of instrumentation. Occasionally you may even see them jump between instruments in a single piece.



Jam Session


This open “jam” is actually a reading of portions of Giocchino Rossini's William Tell Overture. Musicians signed up to play prior to the showcase and a week ago Jon Chen (student and cello player, University of Penn.) selected the music based on the resulting instrumentation. The idea behind this experiment was to enjoy the experience of getting together to make music.



What's Next?

LocalArtsLive is pleased to announce a special agreement with the Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia for a %15 discount on tickets for their concert on April 29th at 4pm at the The Church of the Holy Trinity, Rittenhouse. A panel discussion will take place before the concert. More details will be announced on in the near future, so please sign up for the newsletter or follow along by “liking” the LocalArtsLive Young Friends page in Facebook.  Andrea Clearfield will introduce this concert during the showcase.







LocalArtsLive, presenter, was founded by Sharon Torello to provide a central source of information and discussion about classical music in the greater Philadelphia region. The membership on its website: Facebook, Twitter, and newsletter have grown significantly since its launch one year ago but its greatest success may be the reported growing sense of connectivity within the classical music community. One such effort, the “Young Friends of Classical Music” group was named as a finalist for the 2012 Knight Arts Challenge. The group, which targets those between 18-40 years of age, was started in January and this showcase provides an example of the types of events that could be created to increase interest and build connections. Based on the tremendous level of support from the classical music community, I believe the future is bright for this group.



Philadelphia Fans of Classical Music Meetup


The Philadelphia Fans of Classical Music (PFCM) meet to attend concerts together, but we also do much more than that. We meet a few times a month, typically in members’ homes, to learn more about music, enjoy stimulating discussion, and share food and drink. If this sounds interesting, come and join our group at Philadelphia Fans of Classical Music





ClassicAlive!, LiveConnections’ newest venture, breaks the boundaries of how classical music is experienced — from repertoire to collaboration to atmosphere. ClassicAlive! highlights first-rate artists in fun and intimate settings, mixing food, drink and audience interaction amidst great music. LiveConnections



Penn Encore Society

The Penn Encore Society is a student run group that was started this school year to form a community of University of Pennsylvania student fans and musicians of classical music. They use their Facebook group to spread the word, and other activities such as their weekly radio program on Thursday nights at 6pm area helping to generate interest. 

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