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Nothing like an invigorating 70-minute drive to DC, only to discover that the trip is for naught.

Happened to me Saturday afternoon -- arriving all a-flutter at the Kennedy Center to hear Susan Graham's recital for the Washington Performing Arts Society, only to be told by the garage attendant that the mezzo-soprano had canceled. Oy, vey.

I knew my karma was off that day. Earlier, I couldn't access my email (for reasons still unknown), where I would have found a notice of the cancellation. And, just for extra fun, as I arrived at the Kennedy Center, a warning light on the car went off, so I felt my life was complete.

I'm sorry Miss Graham got ill. Honest I am. But, hey, a year ago I went to the Met to hear her sing "Iphigenie" and darned if she didn't cancel. So I am beginning to take this personally -- it's all about me, as you know.

At least there are delightful recordings of this fabulous singer to savor. I put together a few here, to create a mini-recital for the benefit of anyone else who felt forlorn over the weekend. I've chosen a couple of exquisite French songs, and two funny items, including the one about ... mezzos and pants roles that Miss Graham she surely would have sung on Saturday:

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