ISOIt's a big day at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra on Monday, Aug. 8 at 9 a.m.  That's when the flood gates open and single ticket purchasers can "have at it" and secure the best seat in the house for virtually any concert of their choice (except Yuletide Celebration - you'll have to wait for late September, folks).

Which begs the question...what concert are you looking forward to the most?

I know my picks.  I blogged about this particular piece of music a year ago. Thank goodness I get to hear it again during opening weekend with Garrick Ohlsson.

My Broadway appetite is fed with Do You Hear the People Sing?, one of three world premieres from our incredible Pops team, led by the one, the only, Jack Everly. My third pick would have to be the premiere of Stephen Hough's Mass in April with the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir.  Plain and simple: choral works sing to me.

But enough about my picks (although I'll have more to add next week - especially about our new Music Director, Krzysztof Urbanski)!

I asked a few of our musicians what they were looking forward to performing.  Here's percussionist Paul Berns' pick: Joe Schwantner's world premiere Concerto #2 for Percussion, Timpani and Orchestra. And check out the stage setup for this performance!
Schwantner's Percussion set-up
Paul says "We [the ISO percussion section] met with Joe in Indianapolis about three years ago to help give him feedback into this long awaited premiere. The prestigious Percussive Arts Society, located in Indianapolis, has commissioned the work and we will perform it during the PAS's annual convention.  The work calls for many percussion instruments including my personal waterphone, marimba, tom toms, brake drums, vibraphone, xylophone, cow bells, etc. The piece is very exciting and visual. This will be an epic evening!"

Next week, we'll hear from ISO musicians John Wetherill, Ingrid Bellman and Terry Langdon about their picks!

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