After graduating from DePauw University in May 2009, two of my friends and I stayed at our alma mater working various jobs, trying to fend off real life just that much longer. The economy was uncertain, and our futures looked like they might be bleak for a while. We enjoyed spending time together, but our worries about the new chapters of our lives made it hard for us to live in any given moment. Every time I smiled, I felt like I had a hornet's nest in my throat. Misery was spreading around the nearly abandoned campus like wildfire.

Then we went to the Prairie.

We had already seen Time for Three play with the Indianapolis Symphony during the regular season and had become instant fans. We found out they were going to play at the Prairie, and we jumped on the chance to go. What a wonderful decision! It turned out to be one of the most transcendent experiences I've ever had.

The three of us gathered our blankets and braved the reports of stormy weather. It ended up being beautiful that night - clear and warm and dry. As we listened to Zach, Ranaan, and Nick play, we didn't have a single moment to think about our lives. Instead, we were simply content to put our toes in the grass and listen to the music drift over us.

There's one moment that will stick with me for the rest of my life. As the trio played their beautiful rendition of "Blackbird," the sun sank down behind the stage. The strings vibrated across the small hills where we sat, and I turned and watched the shadows of small children race down a hill as the sun moved in blues and pinks and oranges behind them. I looked back at my friends and realized they were seeing the same thing I was, easy smiles on both their faces. It was one of those transcendent moments in life where you are completely inside the world you've been given.

All summer, we'd been thinking too much about things beyond our control. But that night at the Symphony on the Prairie, we didn't have time for worries. We were just three good friends enjoying some gorgeous music, beautiful scenery, and most importantly, each other's company. I'm happy to report that life turned out okay for us, even though we all went our separate ways. Occasionally, we still get together for Prairie concerts, and we plan ahead for every Time for Three concert in any part of the year. We make time for music and friends, which is exactly what the Prairie did for us that first night we went.

Name: Beth Towle
City: Walkerton, IN

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