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At the Manotick Farmers Market
What a great day we had at the Manotick Farmers Market! We met some new fans who signed up for the newsletter, sold some CDs and cookbooks and even met fellow musicians. All told, a fantastic day!
Our fellow vendors were so friendly and offered this newcomer perks like 1.00 coffee (really good coffee) from Coffeys Coffee (still only 1.50 for everyone else) and a dollar off a bag of crunchy Empire apples from Hall's Apple Market -- Yum!
Book lovers will appreciate the huge Carriage Shop used book sale in the building behind my tent (see pic below). I popped in briefly, but was too busy (yay) to shop -- next time!
Stairwell Caroller booth at the Manotick Farmers Market
Stairwell Caroller booth at the Manotick Farmers Market

I will definitely return -- and am planning next Saturday for sure! Open from 9:00am till 2:00.
The fun does not stop at the market -- there are lots of reasons to visit Manotick. Here are just a few events connected to Watson's Mill. It's a happenin' town
Here's a walking tour :)
I recommend anyone who wants to sell their produce, crafts, art work etc. at the Manotick Farmers Market to get involved now. The season goes till October 11th rain or shine and if you don't delay, there will still be room for a new vendor or two. Hint to vendors -- show up well before 8:30 for setup or you'll be jostling early market goers for parking space!
8:30 am at the Manotick Farmers Market
8:30 am -- the quiet before the storm

Thanks to Jack of Jack's fudge and 2 Broke Boys for inviting the Stairwell Carollers to join the party!
 The organizers from Watson's Mill, located just across the street, have even supplied us with a tent -- very posh. I got to have fun in the sun without giving up the lovely shade -- the CDs appreciated that for sure.
Nice tent at the Manotick Farmers Market
Nice tent at the Manotick Farmers Market
See you at the Mill!
Holly :)

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We are presently looking for voices for our upcoming Christmas season and recording sessions in January 2015 for our next Christmas CD. 

If you live in the Ottawa/Hull area and love to sing, set up your audition with us now!

We are auditioning ALL parts this time around -- Sopranos, Altos, Tenors and Basses please contact us to book an audition slot. 

Thus far we have ONE night left for auditions, Wednesday, August 27th 2014. Don't delay!

Email Holly at
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Photo copyright Holly Massie, all rights reserved
Patty and Holly, altos, take a spring walk near Manotick
Come see me, Holly, at the Manotick Farmers Market this Saturday, July 19. I'll be meeting and greeting, setting up auditions for the fall, and selling CDs and cookbooks too!

Manotick Farmers Market
Manotick Farmers Market

We will be premiering the use of Square register to take credit card payments on site! So we can now accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and even American Express! You can easily use Square at events and locations with WiFi or even your data plan -- feel free to ask me how it's done.
Square logo, property of Square,Inc.
Come on down, check out the organic vegetables, fudge, work by local artisans and of course, our music. And, you can ask me about the 37 year journey of our charitable choir, the Stairwell Carollers, created and directed by my husband, Pierre Massie.
Audition for the Stairwell Carollers, Ottawa area, Ontario, Canada
Audition for the Stairwell Carollers, Ottawa area, Ontario, Canada
If you love to sing -- and early music is your thing -- we'd love to see you at an audition!
Just email Holly at to set up your 15 minute audition Wednesday evening, Aug 27th 2014. We will be auditioning at St. Columba church, 24 Sandridge Rd. Ottawa.

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Ottawa Peace Tower where the Carillon resides, photo, Holly Massie all rights reserved
Our Dominion Carilloneur, Dr. Andrea McCrady, has honoured our Director, Pierre, by including his composition Mourning Dove in the Summer 2014 Carillon Program.

Mourning Dove, sung acappella by the Stairwell Carollers, is available on the Mourning Dove CD, or in MP3 format. You can also purchase the song as an MP3 on ITunes or CD Baby. As with all our recordings, all proceeds go towards helping needy groups in the Ottawa/Outaouais region.

The YouTube Concert video of Mourning Dove was recorded live at St. Columba Anglican Church, Ottawa in 2011. Live audio recording, as always, by Tom Barnes of Soundscribe, Ottawa's premiere location recordist.

Pierre combined Tom's audio with the video using Final Cut Express ( no longer available ) . For newer videos he uses Final Cut Pro.

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Stairwell Carollers Audite Nova Madrigal CD Cover        Audite Nova was our debut Renaissance Madrigal CD, recorded in May 2006.

Hilariously, while recording we had to stop singing and START AGAIN many times due to an unexpected airshow and the occasional city bus. St. Columba Church may have a few drawbacks, but its wood interior and fullness of sound produced by its unique acoustics still make it one of our favourite recording spaces. We still rehearse there year round with just a summer break.

As with all our CDs (also available in Mp3 format), proceeds are used to help the needy in the Ottawa/Outaouais region.
Stairwell Carollers Audite Nova Madrigal CD Song ListStairwell Carollers Audite Nova Madrigal CD LabelStairwell Carollers Audite Nova Madrigal CD AcknowledgementsStairwell Carollers Audite Nova Madrigal CD back Cover
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Tonal Tuesday - Listening Part 1 - A Learned Skill 

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Pierre directs the choir at 2012 Cantate Domino recording session
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In light of numerous requests, here is the Programme for tonight's concert in benefit of the Ottawa Mission:

“Ave Maria”
Amyntas With His Phyllis Fair                      Francis Pilkington (1562-1638)Come Again                                                        John Dowland  (1563–1626)Alleluja                                                                 Henry Purcell (c.1659-1695)April is in my mistress' face                          Thomas Morley (1557–1602)Of all the birds that I do know                     John Bartlet (fl. 1604-1610)Hark, All Ye Lovely Saints                              Thomas Weelkes (1576–1623)

O Jesu Christe                                                   Jacquet de Berchem (c.1505–1567)Matona mia cara                                               Orlande de Lassus (1532–1594)Regina coeli                                                        Gregor Aichinger (1565-1628)
Alla Cazza                                                            Anon (1500)Ave Maria                                                            Anon.Corten espadas afiladas                                Cancionero de Medinaceli (1500)

Missa Brevis Messe Exultate Deo             François Cosset (1610 - 1673)                Kyrie,  Sanctus,  Benedictus,   Agnus Dei                                    INTERMISSION
El Grillo                                  Josquin Des Prez (1440-1521)Miserere                             Antonio Lotti (1667-1740)Lirum bililirum               Rossino Mantovano (fl.1505-1511)Ecco la nimph Ebrayca chiamata                 Orlando Lassus (1532-1594)    SPAIN / ESPAGNE
Cucú, cucú!                                         Juan del Encina (1464-1523)Vexila Regis                                                         Juan Francés de Iribarren (1699-1767)Dindirin, dindirin                                                Anon.(c.1500)La Tricotea                                                          Franco Alonso (c.1490-1520) or Anon.     GERMANY/ ALLEMAGNE
Gaillarde                                                              Hans Leo Hassler (1564-1612)Ehre sei dir Christe                                          Heinrich Schiitz (1585 -1672)Ach, weh des leiden                                       Hans Leo Hassler (1564-1612)     FRANCE
A ce joli mois                                                      Clément Janequin (c.1485-1558)Tourdion                                                              Claude Gervaise (fl.1540–1560)Gloria in excelsis Deo                                     Claude Goudimel (1514-1572)Au joli jeu                                                            Clément Janequin (c.1485-1558) 

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Ave Maria 2014 Poster
Stairwell Carollers Spring Concert for The Ottawa Mission May 31st St Barnabas, 70 James Street , Ottawa
          Come celebrate spring with us May 31st as we gift the Ottawa Mission with $2000 in appreciation of their good works with Ottawa's most needy.
Working at the Ottawa Mission
Working at the Ottawa Mission
The Ottawa Mission
The Ottawa Mission
Ottawa Mission Logo
Ottawa Mission Logo
The Stairwell Carollers continue our mandate of supporting our community's most generous and worthwhile charities with financial gifts is only possible through your generosity. Your attendance at our concerts and purchase of our CDs are the sole reason we continue to do what we do :)

The concert lineup is a lively collection of Renaissance religious songs celebrating Christianity and secular madrigals that represents the "pop" music of the time.

Many languages from Latin to German make this concert a virtual world tour of the Renaissance.

Advance Tickets are available online and at local retailers for $15. $20 at the door. Make sure to show up early for a good seat, as there is no reserved seating!

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Hi folks, not only do the sopranos and tenors find time to sing in perfect harmony, but some of them have gone the extra mile and are joining forces as part of USC Canada’supcoming Run for Biodiversity in Ottawa, May 24-25.

Yes, the tenor pestering you again this year is David, who will be attempting his 21stmarathon (ouch) on Sunday May 25, an average of one a year since joining the Carollers.

The big news to share, however, is the new soprano on the starting block, Nikki, who is training towards her very first 10km race on Saturday May 24 – now that’s cool! In a very exciting development this year, Nikki is part of a 44 member Algonquin College team that has joined our Run for Biodiversity. Big thanks to Nikki and the rest of Team Algonquin!

In two weeks time, Nikki and David will be running wild for food and farmers in Ethiopia. We’re raising funds to help farming families in remote areas of Ethiopia. In case you didn’t know, Ethiopian farmers are actually performing a great service to all of humanity, as they keep alive the biodiversity that we all depend on.

A little know story (of interest perhaps to the pub nite crowd) is how barley genes nurtured by Ethiopian farmers helped save our beer industry a few decades back: J

You can support our efforts and help farming families in Ethiopia:

1. by sponsoring Nikki with an Online Donation on our special Algonquin R4B donate page,

2. by passing a cheque or cash to Nikki or David at choir, or

3. by sending a cheque (made out to “USC Canada”) to: USC Canada, Run for Biodiversity, 56 Sparks Street, Suite 705, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5B1.

We have suggested donations to fit every budget, and every imagination level:

1. $10 = a 10km run is a feat in itself, that not many of us can manage, or imagine.

2. $26 = now what could be “easier” than running a mere 26.2 mile marathon.

3. $42 = if you think in metric, and not in miles, then running a marathon always seems to feel that much longer – 42.195 km to be specific.

4. $52 = $42 + $10, bien sur!

Cheers to the Ethiopian farmers who are keeping Biodiversity alive!

David and Nikki

David Rain

Legacy Gifts and Donor Recognition

Coordinator, Run for Biodiversity

USC Canada
56 Sparks Street, Suite 705
Ottawa, ON
Canada K1P 5B1

Tel: 1-613-234-6827, ext 231

Fax: 1-613-234-6842

I'm running wild for food and farmers. Support USC Canada's Run for Biodiversity!

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